Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive

Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive is a great book. This book is written by author David Heaf. You can read the Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive book on our website in any convenient format!
The importance of the retention of nest scent and heat (Nestduftwärmebindung) for bee health and productivity was discussed by Johann Thür in his book Beekeeping: natural, simple and successful (1946) which also presents Abbé Christ's (1739-1813) hive that is almost identical in concept to Warré's. Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive Image
AUTHOR David Heaf
FILENAME Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 07 Apr 2014

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Natural reproduction. Queens that are mated naturally with the local drone population bring back to the hive a range of proven, locally resilient and adapted genetics to populate their hive with.

Warre Hive | Adventures in Natural Beekeeping

David Heaf's book Natural Beekeeping with the Warré Hive -- A Manual is a complete guide to Warré beekeeping aimed at beginners. Also see other books on Warré beekeeping . The hive was designed in northern France and its initial use was developed in the climate there.


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